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Et Tu MoDow?

by Jerry Bader

I can hear President Obama now.. ."I'f I've lost Maureen Dowd..." Actually, I can't hear him saying that because he doesn't seem to hear any criticism these days, not even when it's from erstwhile friends. Dowd's Gettysburg address ripoff is searing, and spot on. Given that he couldn't wait to get back on the course, it's clear that his somber Foley comments were perfunctory and insincere.

And this may seem petty but I also felt the lack of tie during those comments was beneath the dignity of the office. It seemed to scream: "hey you know I'm interrupting my vacation for this..." Remember liberals screaming because President Bush continued reading a book to young school children in the moments after 911? It's gratifying to see that more than a few of them can no longer apologize for this fraud. Still far too few though.