Jim Whelan



News Director Jim Whelan is into his third decade of staying on top of what's happening in Coldwater and Branch County.

Wheels was born in Toledo and moved to K.C. while in grade school in 1962. Jim graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Radio and T-V Communications, and later moved to Coldwater in 1974.

Wheel's was called to work at WTVB after stopping at the station and meeting the owners at that time, Paul and Myrt Ruse, who happened to be friends of Jim's sister, who lived in Iowa, where the Ruse's resided before coming to Michigan. Jim was actually in the area for his aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary at Coldwater Lake. Little did he know that the visit to the radio station, not to apply for a job but as a favor to his sister, would be such a life-changing experience. Also ending up in Coldwater after being born in the Buckeye State was Jim's wife, Pat. She moved from the Cleveland area and settled in Coldwater in 1973 and they met two years later and were married in 1976. Pat also works at WTVB and is National Sales Manager for the Michigan stations of the Midwest Radio Group. Jim and Pat have two grown sons, Jim and Michael. Jim's passions outside of his "nose for news," are golf and sports in general. Though he modestly won't admit his feat, Jim recently earned the elite status of landing a hole-in-one at the Golf Club of Coldwater's Hole #4. The ball and scorecard are now lovingly displayed on his fireplace mantle next to his father's, who shot his first hole-in-one at the age of 82. When not amazing onlookers on the green, Wheels also enjoys reading, listening to all varieties of music, camping, walking, and of course, imbibing in a few beers now and then. But first, he says, are his family, wife and two sons, his four sisters and brother, and the rest of his many relatives.

Jim is a member of the Coldwater Rotary Club, the Elks, the Knights of Columbus, and the St. Mary's Catholic Church in Bronson, where he is a reader.

When you want the latest headlines from your community, or golf tips on putting under par, listen for News Director Jim Whelan on AM 1590 WTVB.

Jim Whelan