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From Up On Poppy Hill (Kokurikozaka kara) PG

  • Release Date: None
  • Genres: Animation
  • Cast: Sarah Bolger, Anton Yelchin, Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Aubrey Plaza, Bruce Dern, Charlie Saxton, Chris Noth
  • Directors: Goro Miyazaki
  • Official Site: http://www.gkids.tv/poppyhill/
  • Distributor: Independent Pictures
  • Set in Yokohama in 1963, this lovingly hand-drawn film centers on Umi and Shun and the budding romance that develops as they join forces to save their high school's ramshackle clubhouse from demolition.
_From Up On Poppy Hill (Kokurikozaka kara)

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