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Grain issues being talked about - It's YOUR Agri-Business

by Mark Brown

Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch was in Washington Friday within 24 hours of when the Malaysian Plane was shot out of the air; it caused talk about grain with Russians. It was also at a time that we have grain issues of our own back here in South Dakota

The Starks join us, theyll talk rail cars and Howalt McDowell Travel News

Roger DeRouchey, Plains Commerce has been looking into farms and grain in storage

Rock Nelson speaks International has SGS to talk about their testing for quality feed

Rick Shields has our Mid-west Communication Farm Framing

Scott Varilek previews the Commodity Report

For the cattle too hot and too cold. Warren Rusche at SDSU talks about the effects heat could have this week

While South Dakota Stockgrowers Silvia Christin has some notes from the big losses, donations and payouts during the cold weather