Sean Watson



Like swallows to Mission San Juan Capistrano, buzzards to Hinckley, Ohio, and lemmings to the nearest cliff, Sean Watson seems to keep returning to WTVB.

He started part-time back in the dark days of 1991. His first task: engineering that year's Indy 500. Over the years, he has taken on different tasks at the station, from morning show fill-in to news fill-in. Most recently, he has become the primary play-by-play voice for WTVB's many high school sports broadcasts.

-Graduated from Quincy High School in 1990 and Central Michigan University in 1995.

-Also employed by Coldwater Community Schools as the Director Of Video Services (translation: he runs TV21, the school access channel!).

-First met Ken Delaney back in 1988, when the Delaneys lived in a cottage formerly owned by his grandparents and he was part of a crew that helped clean up storm damage inadvertently drank from Ken's open can of beer.

Sean Watson