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by Lauri Loewenberg

“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.”   - Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Lauri,
I dream frequently about houses.  Sometimes I am buying the house.  Sometimes someone else bought the house before I was able to.  Sometimes I’m moving in and things go wrong; I’m unable to get all the packing done in time. What the heck does it all mean?    – Sharon 58, Hugo, MN

Lauri: These dreams are not about the house at all but rather about YOU!  Houses in dreams represent the self.  Your dreams suggest that there is something you are trying to move on from, since you are packing and moving or looking to move in your dreams.  The packing seems to be the problem in the dream, which is a good indication you are having a hard time letting something go from your psyche.  Your dream keeps trying to tell you that packing it up and bringing it with you through your life is causing more problems than it’s worth. Once you can find a way to let this go, moving on will be a breeze!

Sharon Replies: It’s the strangest thing, but since your analysis I haven’t had another dream about houses.  It made sense to me that I was the house and that something was bothering me in my life. We recently made a very difficult decision to adopt out our two dogs. We had them for five and a half years and were beginning to resent all the work involved and the fact that we were tied down so much. Since they left there is much less commotion at home. I think my dream was about this decision to let them go. I can tell you I will be much more reflective about dreaming in the future. You are awesome and I thank you very much for helping me.

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